Garden Designer

I started this weblog at least a year or two ago but I never kept it up because I didn’t know what to do with it.

 Now I know!

I love gardens. I love plants. I love garden design.

It was so beautiful outside today. It was nice and cool for a mid-May day.

Most of the beautiful spring flowers–dogwoods, early azaleas, daffodils, bulbs, and cherries have already bloomed and I enjoyed each and every one. Spring is just too wonderful for words. At about this time my garden slows down a little bit and some of the less showy plants start to show their beautiful leaves and/or flowers.

It’s now time for iris (the old German iris are the ones that I love) and I no longer have the beautiful, fragrant Iris ‘Pacific Panaroma’ that I once had. I dug them up one year after blooming, as required. I gave some away and didn’t keep any for myself. At the last Horticultural Society of Maryland meeting, a fellow member was giving away some dark purple iris that were originally from his grandmother’s garden. I took one nice clump and gave away the rest to someone else since I don’t have that much sunny space left in my garden. I must plant it soon or it will die. Maybe I will plant it tomorrow.

As you can see, I now know what a weblog is for–to get all of those thoughts rolling around in my head down on “paper”. This isn’t exactly “paper”, but it is close enough.

It’s a great life!


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