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Spring 2008

What a wonderful spring it has been!  The winter was somewhat rainy with very little snow. I think the plants, including all of the potted plants, enjoyed the rain. The plants just burst out of their winter sleep with such exuberance. They were all so beautiful, with lots of flowers and large leaves. Some of the hostas showed some torn foliage which I think is due to the cool temperatures. Their leaves unfurled late but they have put out so many new leaves that the torn leaves are not so noticeable.

Even though the two Chinese peonies are in a part shady site, both of them put on a splendid show with the large, frilly leaves opening in the morning and closing up at night.

Our area has a lot of Yoshino cherries and they were beautiful beyond description. Even our “Akebono” did very well with its flowers staying pink instead of turning white as they normally do.

There has been so much new growth on our trees that the trees are loaded with soft limbs that hang almost down to the ground. The “Dancing Peacock” Japanese maple will have to be pruned and I think several others will need pruning as well.


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